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    Nova Full-time Math/Science Teacher Opening
    Posted on 05/16/2018
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    Nova Full-time Math/Science Teacher Opening

    Nova High School, an alternative public school in the heart of Seattle, has an open math/science teacher position for the 2018/19 school year. We’re looking for candidates with both a math endorsement and an endorsement in general science, physics, chemistry, or computer science. Do you love applied mathematics, maker spaces, career and technical education, or theoretical mathematics? At Nova, you’ll be able to construct inquiry-based and interdisciplinary courses that explore topics that often don’t make it into the high school curriculum.

    Are you interested in joining a creative, student-centered educational community? At Nova, teachers work collaboratively to develop curriculum that allows students to engage deeply with important questions. Our classes are problem, project and inquiry based with teachers given the freedom to explore together with students the question, “what is worthwhile to know and experience?” Our classes are community-centered and built around principles of social justice and undoing institutional oppression.

    Teachers at Nova also have the role of coordinator - a dream position for those who have always viewed teaching as extending beyond academics. In exchange for teaching one less class, coordinators work with cohorts of about 25 students for whom they provide academic and social emotional support, family outreach, and college and career guidance. Teachers also help to support and facilitate Nova’s committee system which allows students to participate in democratic decision making regarding most aspects of the school’s functioning including budget, hiring, and student recruitment.

    As a school, Nova is committed to social justice, empowerment, community engagement, and open mindedness. We work to create a safe and supportive environment for students with diverse identities and learning experiences.

    The following is a statement written by Nova students about what makes Nova special to them:

    Nova's halls are filled with music and our classrooms are filled with couches for thinking and talking. We have the freedom to express ourselves and run our own education. The community is based on mutual respect between staff and students. And help is always at your fingertips because every student is assigned a coordinator to guide and support them. Classes are challenging and success is tailored to your growth and the competencies that you are working to develop. With this system, we graduate by doing things we love. Nova teaches you real life skills and how to live and make your own choices instead of just being an academic robot.

    Interested? Contact Mike at