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    Nova is a really nice place to be. School norms prioritize acceptance, kindness, respect and consent. Students report that they love to come to school, and that they feel safe and comfortable in their skin, bodies, sexualities and genders. Nova works very hard to create a positive and supportive environment for all students, teachers and staff.

    Everyone at Nova is here because they want an alternative learning experience. The Nova Project is a culture of kindness and a school of celebrated individuality. This is demonstrated through the availability to individualize your class competencies to your needs and wants. It is a place where justice and respect are highly incorporated into every aspect of the school.

    Our community is geared towards people with different learning styles, interests, cares and likes and dislikes. Making our students a part of the classroom and the change in our school is our principle.

    Nova is a safe place for everyone who decides to join. We have committees, classes, teachers and specialists geared towards support of the LQBTQ community, POC, and people with mental health challenges. In our classrooms we prioritize learning over discipline and distraction.