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    Our Mission

    Nova’s mission is to provide a vigorous, engaging, culturally relevant, and student-centered academic program that is accessible to all students. Nova’s innovative teaching and learning approach provides non-graded competency, inquiry, project and problem-based instruction where students apply their learning through application, performance, and portfolio-based assessment.

    We believe learning looks different for each person and thus should be a flexible and malleable personalized process driven by the learner with support and guidance from caring mentors and other learners. At Nova, students and staff are both learners and teachers. We work to find balance between personalization, academics, and community responsibility.

    Nova’s advisory system provides a teacher/advisor for every student at a ratio of 24:1. Students share decision making and learn individual and social responsibility in a personalized and safe environment where differences are honored. Nova operates with a growth mindset where we build into our curriculum and our committee and advisory systems academic, social, and emotional development. We began trauma-informed practices before it was named trauma-informed and we have continued to build and adjust this work over the past eight years.

    Nova has continuous and systematic professional development around our teaching philosophy and practice. We also review our curriculum semi-annually. Our curricular focus is guided by the question: What is Worthwhile to Know and Experience?

    Three years ago, our primary focus was on formative assessment and we are continuing to refine and develop our various methods to assess student progress throughout the semester. This past year we have also continued a staff professional development focus on trauma and mental health issues. These adverse impacts fall most heavily on our students of color and low-socioeconomic students, LGBTQ students, students with disabilities, and students with complex trauma.

    We have focused on mental health and trauma issues. As a direct result of our teaching practices and our advisory structure, our teachers are much closer to students and aware of their various impacts and traumas.

    Our goal is to empower each student to be aware of their own needs, direct them to specific counseling and other services, and to situate them within Nova as a learning community where they can self-confidently direct their own futures. As we fully invest in this work, we see the difference directly in attendance, engagement, and competency-credits earned by students.

    We will continue to stress the importance of looking at issues, such as race, ethnicity, gender, disabilities, and sexual orientation to move the question from “Do these issues matter?” to “Yes, they matter!”  This may seem like a small semantic issue, but it is the foundational key to tackling and eliminating disparities and other institutional oppressions.

    Our Vision

    Nova's vision is shaped by our commitment to social and racial justice, access and equity, the arts, and environmental sustainability. Every student and staff member can thrive in an environment that supports safety and access for all members of the Nova community to develop self and social responsibility and strive to discover their passions, make a difference, and lead a purposeful life.

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    Eyva Winet

    Principal: Eyva Winet