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Podbela, Karen

Admin Secretary

Reade, Julia

Special Education Teacher-ACCESS Program

Personal Message

What brought you to Nova?
The opportunity to focus teaching and learning on social justice and student interests.

How would you describe your teaching style?
Collaborative, structured, energetic.

Why do you teach? and/or What do you hope to influence?
Health, PE, Language Arts, and other stuff; wellness for all.

What's your favorite thing about Nova?
Individuality is centered and encouraged.

Spigner, Jennifer

College and Career Center Specialist

Sterrett, Allison

Special Education Teacher

Personal Message

What brought you to Nova?
I came to Nova after teaching in a much more traditional high school in Brooklyn, NY. I hoped to find a community of people who wanted to think deeply about teaching and learning, and who wanted to dedicate themselves to the project of education. I'm happy to say I've found that here at Nova.

How would you describe your teaching style?
I am always trying to adapt to meet the needs of the students in front of me. I want to help my students use their talents and the things they are passionate about to better understand and contribute to the world around them.

Why do you teach? and/or What do you hope to influence?
I teach because it's the most rewarding job in the world - students are endlessly creative and funny, and constantly challenge me to see things in a new way. I'm lucky to do this job, and I'm especially lucky to work in a school that challenges teachers to learn as much as students.

What's your favorite thing about Nova?
Nova is the most humane community I've ever been a part of. Students and staff alike are truly seen and valued as individuals. The coordinating system allows students and staff to build strong, trusting relationships that are really important for growth, and students are empowered to build a high school experience that works for them. Sorry, was that more than one favorite thing?

Taylor, Maurice

Instructional Assistant, Spec. Ed.

Trevino, Cassandra M

Certificated Teacher, Special Education
Susan Watters

Watters, Susan

Fiscal Specialist / Admin. Secretary

Wemiz, Ricardo “Rick”

Certificated Teacher, Humanities

Winet, Eyva

Lydia Wynn

Wynn, Lydia

She/Her - Math Teacher - Coordinator - Guild Sponsor

I love exploring new ways to think about math, especially when the journey begins with a student question.

When I first discovered Nova High School, I was drawn to it immediately. Walking into the building, I instantly felt a sense of coming home. I saw a school where students are safe being their true selves, and exploring topics at much deeper levels.

I am a teacher because I adore the subject of mathematics and the beauty through which the subject describes patterns of the universe. I hope to help students release the fear that is so often connected with learning experience. I also hope that through a shared passion and excitement, I can encourage students to explore thinking from a mathematical lens.

I've also been very excited working with the Competency Development at Nova. I am so glad to work with a staff who so clearly wants the best for students and is able to effectively work with one another to continue enhancing their teaching practice.

Seattle Pacific University - BA in Mathematics  and BA in Secondary Education
Antioch New England - MEd in Problem Based Learning